Ahu Serter

Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter is an active leader, serial entrepreneur and investor with a focus on innovation, smart transportation, mobility solutions, art and women led businesses. Since 2012, she is the President of Fark Holding, founder of FPlus Ventures, investing in mobility solution companies which is the corporate venture arm of Fark Labs, a leader in innovation and transformation. She is also the founder and lead investor of Arya Women Investment Platform where she brings successful women investors to invest in female entrepreneurs. An active angel investor, she is also the founder of brands and companies that later on became success stories such as the famous art hotel brand, Casa dell’Arte, Hotels of Arts and Leisure and Casa Hermanas. Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter loves to travel, explore, develop and implement ideas, is an avid learner and reading enthusiast. She is married and with three daughters.