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Burak Divanlıoğlu

Burak divanlioglu

Born in 1973 in Istanbul, he was graduated from Istanbul Technical University Architecture Faculty. After working as a freelance architect, he founded ARK Information Technologies with Serkan BORANCILI in 1999. Up to 2004, GittiGidiyor was administered by ARK. As one of the founders’ of Turkey’s most frequently visited shopping mall GittiGidiyor. GittiGidiyor was acquired by eBay in May 2011. Since then, Burak DIVANLIOGLU and the two other GG founders founded a company called iPara A.S., a new online payment solution for Turkey’s eCommerce sites. Burak DIVANLIOGLU is also the co-founder of UzmanTV, Istanbul.net, Timsah.com, Cimri.com, Markapon.com. He’s an angel investor in Pabbuc.com, Indirdik.com, Pembepanjur.com, Gideros Mobile, Setrow, Yenimoda.com and Sosyo.com.