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Firefly is internet-connected, high-res smart screens on taxis and rideshares in the most impactful markets in the US, including LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Miami and New York. With Firefly’s first-of-its-kind street level media platform, you can efficiently reach and engage your customers on their everyday journey.

Hyper-target audiences at relevant moments with dynamic content based on data such as location, time of day and weather. Make the most of your media buy with measurable ROI, attribution, and programmatic buying.

Firefly’s Precision Targeting empowers brands to reach people where other media formats cannot, during the moments that matter most.

Delivers customizable, scalable campaigns based on geofencing, zip code, DMA, competitor conquesting and day-parting.

Firefly serves high-quality, customizable ads based on dynamic content triggers like location, weather, live events, product launches, and many more.

Their best-in-class smart screens support HD content so you can reach consumers with full motion creative at eye-level.