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Daily routine business life and changing social dynamics makes it harder for people to be emotionally strong, physically fit, to know about trends, making healthy sexual choices and know about environment. Uplifers is created in order to respond such issues under 5 different categories.

In order to have a healthy and energetic life, Uplifers provides various scientific and empiric contents about topics like personal development, psychology, sports, healthy nutritions, sexual happiness, fashion, travel and places.

While the life strugle is increasing, the life circumstances are rapidly changing and the nature is leaving us in the big cities, Uplifers enlightens us to survive.

Founded by Eda Günay with “Live Good, Feel Good” slogan in 2012, today, with approximately 40 professional columnists, Uplifers adresses even personal matters in its contents.

Uplifers has gained ground on helping people by delivering success stories, essays, fitness & diet suggestions, bedroom secrets and advice from travelers.