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As a SF-based tech startup, Pubinno develops IoT solutions for Smart Beer Platforms using robotics, data analytics and AI powered flow algorithms, and focuses on next-gen smart beer taps. Currently, Pubinno’s smart beer taps are being used in 7 different countries.

Pubinno’s smart beer taps serve the perfect beer in every pour, track all the sales data in detail, and monitors quality data such as temperature, pressure, freshness and maintenance. With Pubinno’s smart beer platform; consumers get perfect beer, bar managers increase profits and brands can ensure quality standardization across all sales outlets.

Pubinno aims to serve great quality beer and believes every ounce of beer has value and does not need be wasted. The team designs products that enhance quality, monitor serving conditions, aggregate data and eliminate waste. Pubinno’s smart tap that leverages the last critical step between the brewery and the consumer.

This is the future of draft beer industry; Pubinno calls it the Internet of Beer.

Pubinno’s goal is to make sure that the perfect beer reaches everyone in the whole world and make a revolution in the draft beer industry.