We provide both capital and intensive mentorship as well as network for entrepreneurs.

We are primarily focused on investments in Turkey. GBA Members will invest in these sectors with particular interest:

- Internet

- Mobile

- Software

- Telecom 

We are currently NOT investing in biotech, life sciences, real estate, or movies. We concentrate mostly on seed stage investment rounds.


What do Galata Business Angels look for?

The main criteria used by Galata Business Angels to decide which businesses to invest in varies greatly, however, the following issues are taken into consideration: 

- The expertise and track record of the founders and management; 

- The businesses competitive edge or unique selling point; 

- The characteristics and growth potential of the market; 

- Compatibility between the management, business proposal and the business angel's skills and investment preferences; 

- The physical and financial commitment of the entrepreneur.

What to look for in Business Angels? 

The company must also ensure that the business angel willing to invest in them is right for their company. Before signing an agreement the business must ensure that: 

- The management team and the business angel are compatible and will be able to work together. 

- Business Angel’s skills match the companies needs


The Process in the GBA

1 - GBA Venture Academy

2-  Entrepreneur’s presentation

3-  Internal evaluation in GBA

4-  Investment appraisal

5 - Investment negotiations

6-  Partnership

7-  Identification of new targets and plans

8- Value development 

9- Implementation of the business plan and objectives

10- Sales and marketing

11- Preparation for  the next investment

12- Finding investors  and funding

13- The investment after from GBA